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[9/13/2021] [edited: 11/01/2022]
Using Vegas Pro 13 in Windows Vista | Using Vegas Pro 10e in Windows 2000

  1. Windows Vista
  2. Windows 2000

Vegas Pro 13 in Windows Vista

Vegas Pro 13 was the late Sony's version and may be your favorite or not atleast.
As a Windows Vista now: Vegas Pro 12 was the last version until 13 dropped the support of it
Or thought so? Today I did remember getting Vegas Pro 13 working on Vista back in 05/29/2021 [with twitter & discord]

Firstly we'll need to meet our Requirements.
And then we'll begin our Intro



Let's start with 2 Portables that you got from, You'll need 7-Zip and qBittorent to extract.
If you have any problems with this message box like these:

Problem Report (ErrorReportClient)
w/o compress: (6.32KB)

VEGAS Pro has stopped working
w/o compress: (3.08KB)

1. Delete ErrorReportClient.exe
2. Take an ownership and delete werfault.exe, wer.dll and same .DLLs that are from WinSXS & your language locale folder
If you don't know your locale: Press Win+R, msinfo32, Enter

Anyways after we deleted werfault.exe & ErrorReportClient.exe

It's time to switching x86 folders (VP13's x86 to VP12's):
Load this low quality gif? (57.8KB)
Load this med quality gif? (143KB)

And after we did all the changes...
w/o compress: (42.6KB)

Tada! but Three Problems:
  • You cannot render the video
  • You cannot use VSTs
  • Application Errors message box will pop up randomly If you strech the video/media

Vegas Pro 10e in Windows 2000

If you using this virtual machine, I'll recommend ignoring the Requirements

On the Vegas Pro 10a Build 387 Portable, you don't get any errors after all.
But in Vegas Pro 10e, There was one... and It's ErrorReportClient.exe again
Again after we apply our renaming/delete change..

Vegas Pro 10e
w/o compress: (41.3KB)

Tada again with No Rendering + VST Servers problems.

If things should work right now, Then you're able to success having your Vegas Pro 10e/13 on Windows 2000/Vista!

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