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As gcomputing goes on, it comes to the zide.I'm really forgot to update this website but thankfully I
remembered the FTP password. Hopefully everythings back to normal...
But hey! Atleast There's Revolt. Which is 75% better than discord.. And what's even better is that
It's Open-Source!!!
I made my server and 88x31 button out of it: And yes since I'm friendly today, It's free to use
(or... It's yours, My friend.)

Written from My ACER Aspire XC-830
[!] UPDATES (UTC+03:00):
10/28/2022 [1:23 PM]: Polished HTML Code, Russian Translated, 2+ Layouts! [3/3]
10/25/2022 [1:23 PM]: Articles Thumbnails & Smartphone + Basic Support... [2/3]
10/18/2022 [11:03 PM]: Updated the website. Logo changed, Shrinked the Width, [1/2]

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