As gcomputing goes on, it comes to the zide.
02/05/09 (15 years old) gliczide / gcomputzide

ComputingGliczFlowering/Hedychium Coronarium
Soulseek, Technology, Archival, Playing DDNet/Teeworlds, Water
Drawing, Making Videos, Life Story
More to list on here..
To make this short: Breakbit Music, Jus
ice, SebastiAn, VHS Head and others

Contact: gcomputzide
IRL Info:
Eye color: Dark Green
Skin: White
Sleep: 22:30 (UTC+03)
English: Advanced
Russian: Native
Hard Drives:
2TB [SSD Transcend]
500gb [HDD Seagate]
230gb [SSD Crucial]
1TB [HDD Seagate]
230gb [HDD Hitachi]
320gb [HDD Seagate]
120gb [SSD ADATA]
[Main] ACER Aspire E1-571g (8+4gb Dual RAM)
[Host] Beelink GK Mini
[Phone] Samsung Galaxy A12

Privet, I'm "Gliczide" Fedyukin. I'm the person that either is Graphic Designer, Video Editor & Music Nerd
Anyways, I'm from Russia when I was born back in February 05, I did the first web page back in 05/25/2020

I'm available at not really everything and so on,
And yes i'm infact a teen.

Frequently Asked:

How do you pronounce your name?

"glickzide" [/gliksaid/] I think, it is only correct pronunciation you could have when it isn't "glitch side"

Who made your own logo?

Lyric West, The font name is Blok Glic